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Interactive Wall turns Shadow into Light

Posted in Work Of Light by studiomakelight on March 3, 2010

The Strømer, is an interactive LED display wall that weaves a wonderful mixture of art, energy-efficiency and play into the fabric of daily existence. It is 27m2 of interactive LEDs provide light for each person passing by.

Click to see it in action on video!

Light-emitting fabric

Posted in NEW Technology and Design, Nice things by studiomakelight on November 24, 2009

Philips has developed new technology again, Lumalive.

Integrating LEDs into fabric but still keeps fabric’s flexibility. It is programable, i.e. you can upload your own animation on it.

It is very interesting progress in LED technolgy. However, on the application side, it seems limited to marketing use.

Read more about Lumalive…

more video on Vimeo…

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Edison’s Babel: new foto

Posted in A Design A Week, Bulb Ban by studiomakelight on November 19, 2009

Testing the new Osram Halogen energy saver bulb on Babel.

These bulb are essentially normal halogen light in Edison bulb glass. It is 30% more efficient than Edison bulb because filament is enclosed in halogen gas to allow it burns better while giving out light. Since halogen light is an improved version of Edison’s invention, it gives the same kind of warm light we are accustomed to.

Halogen energy saver is closer to a single point light source than Edison bulb. As a result, the shadow is more defined (see foto below).

In comparison to CFL, I prefer Halogen energy saver. It has better quality light in terms of colour temperature and light/ shadow effect. Unlike CFLs, there is no need to buy a even more expensive dimmable version, any Halogen energy saver bulb is dimmable.

Until cleaner and more sustainable lighting technology becomes available, for better light quality, I will use Halogen energy saver because I am concerned about the toxic mercury contain in the CFL.