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Light Spray

Posted in NEW Technology and Design, Nice things by studiomakelight on February 4, 2010

French designer, Aissa Logerot, developed ‘halo’ an LED light spray. Instead of spraying paint, it has an LED that sprays light. The LED’s brightness can be altered, and the colors are interchangeable.  Users simply have to shake it to recharge its power.


The Galaxy Dress

Posted in Nice things by studiomakelight on November 21, 2009

Since LED becomes more available and applicable, it is appearing in many different context. Here is a dress made from thousands of tiny full-colour LEDs.

The Galaxy Dress is the largest wearable display in the world and was created by designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz from the London-based fashion company CuteCircuit. Read more…

This article is contributed by Natalia via Mail Online.


Burble London by Haque

Posted in Nice things by studiomakelight on November 10, 2009

Another project is contributed by Emu of Mesa.

The Burble is a massive structure reaching up towards the sky, composed of approximately 1000 extra-large helium balloons each of which contains microcontrollers and LEDs that create spectacular patterns of light across the surface of the structure. The public, both audience and performer, come together to control this immense rippling, glowing, bustling ‘Burble’… read more

bubble london 1

bubble london 2

Thanks Emu.

SNOG, SoHo, London

Posted in Nice things by studiomakelight on November 10, 2009

As I said to my friend, Dr. Fred, I am usually disappointed by commercial colour lighting, but he showed me it can be nice!!

Dr. Fred presents us his latest finding in SoHo, London, SNOG frozen Yogurt store by Cinimod Studio.


snog 2

Snog fred 2

Snog 1

Snog 3

Many thanks to Dr. Fred‘s contribution.

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