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Fri: Work Of Light-less

Posted in Work Of Light by studiomakelight on November 19, 2009

Light_Darkness are inseparable. Each exist in the absence of the other.

This year’s new Turbine Hall installation at Tate Modern in London, How It Is, is by Polish artist, Miroslaw Balka. He offers visitors an experience of complete darkness.

As I try to put together this post, I am having great difficulty in gathering visuals to present you the darkness experience Balka offered. All photos I gathered below only skirting around the outside/ periphery of the actual piece, the Darkness Experience. Looking at the steel box from outside, seeing its construction detail, the photo taken from inside the Darkness showing the light outside, all attempt to portrait darkness with its opposite, light. How can you show darkness in 2D medium??

Without light, the screen you are looking at now couldn’t show you anything. Without Light, our daily life would be all together a different story.

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