Light Matters

Bulb Dress 08- the baking

Posted in A Design A Week by studiomakelight on December 27, 2009

8 weeks after doing A Design A Week project, I have learned 2 things.

1. trust the first instinct and act on it fast (1 week is really not so long)

2. the result is full of surprise and never as expected (keep an open mind for the unexpected)

In the midst of preparing for Xmas feast, I didn’t think of next light till yesterday. The idea for tomorrow’s design only came to me after our mass Xmas cookie baking session. (That’s when I had a break from the festive cooking and eating, and actually thought about next light) So under the influence of things I just did, baking, the idea came and now the next light is being baked as I type here.

My baking history is ONE day old. This light is the 1st thing I try to bake by myself. So my fingers are crossed and I am keeping my mind very open………

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